Inga Romantsova

“I teach people using acting techniques and training methods for different purposes. I work with actors, aspiring drama students and anyone who would like to explore their creativity to reach their potential. Acting is an essential part of being Human, we play many roles in social interaction.

I strongly believe that drama exercises are important for improving social skills, self-awareness and self–esteem. If one is an aspiring actor we concentrate on finding his/her own creative genius using Stanislavski, Meyerhold, Brecht, Grotowski, Suzuki and other theatre practitioner’s techniques."


To explore and build your acting skills for teamwork we use the tools of imagination, investigate ideas, issues and memories, play with life-script and address real-life relations responsibly.


I am very passionate about the Sir Ken Robinson’s statement:


         ‘Creativity is as important in education as literacy or numeracy and

          we should treat it with the same status.’


        Creative process using acting tools in my opinion is the one of the most

        powerful transformation techniques”.


Bachelor of Arts for Acting in Theatre and Film; Master of Arts in Theatre and Film; Master of Philosophy in Drama, Cert IV in Training and Assessment, Introduction to Dramatherapy.

My Philosophy & Vision


With a life-long dedication to theatre, I can see the benefits for the soul. I have spent years learning many techniques which I pass onto my students. I am continuously exploring the relationship between drama, personal expression and healing and strive to expand my portfolio of exercises and ideas. Read my blog as I dive into the unknown and provide expertise through my research. 



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