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Some moments of the play I am working on Rex Cramphorn Studio at Sydney University. It's my third Artist in Residency work at University and first Monodrama style performance . It's also Practise Led Research Project, which will hopefully accompany  many interesting cross disciplinary discoveries, performance for a wide audience as a bilingual play and publication as a dissertation.


Crossing the Quince is a living testimony to the human spirit’s resistance and resilience. It portrays the impact of the war on the daily lives of ordinary people where fact and fiction are blurred for political ends, and the struggles of scientists whose research did not accord with Soviet orthodoxy.

 This year 2021commemorates 76th anniversary of WW II and celebrate the victory over the Nazi aggression and the end of the Siege of Leningrad an 872 day-blockade, the longest and most destructive siege in history. The siege was lifted by the Soviet Army in 1944.  It is important to work on this project now. Story of Scientist who is dying from hunger but preserves ….

The play raises eternal questions: What is the meaning of cowardice in a time of terror, the juxtaposition of bravery, honour versus betrayal? When life hangs on the thread of the smallest decisions? Is survival the ultimate victory or the ultimate loss? Is life a testimony to the plasticity of human spirit?

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